Hot tub, Sauna and Beautiful views

Honeysuckle Cottage Hot Tub, Kirk Ireton, Ashbourne

Through the kitchen, where the sun streams in in the early evening, the hot-tub and sauna are waiting. In this private walled terrace the Canadian Spa hot-Tub is permanently hot, bubbling and ready for our guests. Perched by its side is a superb, intriguing, red cedar barrel sauna, making this an intimate private spa just for two!

Sauna at Honeysuckle Cottage, near Ashbourne
Honeysuckle Cottage Patio Area, Kirk Ireton

For those al fresco dining moments a cosy corner has been set aside just where it catches the evening sun. This private, gated terrace leads through to the front of the cottage with private drive and garden with views down the village and over to the hills beyond. Part of the garden has been carefully planted in a cottage garden style, adorned with some rather special giant wooden mushrooms!

Honeysuckle Cottage Front Door and Garden